I’m a communications and marketing professional. I’m passionate about digital marketing, content creation, relationship building and social media.

My expertise sits at the intersection of marketing, communication and technology.

Marketing people meeting over coffee.

I’m a marketing professional, a communications strategist and a technology nerd.

I’m a modern day Millennial born & raised in the Midwest, trying to live the life that I was born to lead. I’m many things. I’m a champion of my community and a passionate volunteer. I’m an introverted optimist and a social media geek. I’m also an off-key shower singing, NPR listening, news junkie who is an admitted coffee addict and bibliophile. You can learn more about me here.

I have a natural curiosity to create visually appealing content to share ideas and messages that help people connect. I’ve been doing some sort of creative work, design and marketing in every position since college. I love to build relationships between brands and their customers; I strive to take a positive, mindful and helpful approach to life. I aim to create authentic, valuable content with a voice.

I’m fascinated by where digital media and content marketing are going. Change is happening every day. I do my best to learn and adapt as necessary. I take the initiative to educate myself about something new every day.

When I first created this site I was hoping that it would instantly be successful. A place where I could share my passion. I thought I could hit the ground running. That is not how it worked out. But I don’t give up easy. In fact, I’m more determined than ever. I’ve just changed my plans and am taking my time to get it right.

My goal is to be an authentic source of inspiration, motivation and information about digital marketing, content creation, relationship building and social media.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey!