Marketing | Communication | Technology

I’m a marketing professional, communications strategist and a technology enthusiast passionate about content creation, digital marketing and social media.

Danielle I. Rogers, Marketing & Communications Professional

My expertise sits at the intersection of marketing, communication and technology. I specialize in helping brands tell their stories through digital marketing and social media. My objective is to help you reach your business goals. I’m passionate about helping brands build relationships with their customers using marketing, communication and technology to achieve that relationship.

I want to be a valuable source of inspiration and motivation and always aim to be authentic and interesting. I strive to create content that is interesting to read and shareable. My love, and knowledge, of technology allows me to think outside the box. My background in journalism has made me a better communicator and marketer.

I take the initiative to educate myself about something new every day. I search out new trends, researching new trends, and analyzing data. All this helps me improve my skills and makes me a better marketer, stronger communicator and knowledgeable techie. Whether it’s learning about how customers are buying online, taking part in webinars about SEO changes, learning more about WordPress or digging into the responsiveness of email newsletters – it’s all fast-paced and exciting to me!

Outside of my professional life, I’m involved in city government, political campaigns, economic development, historic preservation and much more. I love being able to share my professional skills and knowledge while volunteering my time. The relationships I’ve formed through volunteering are a huge part of the person I am, personally and professionally.

You can read some of my recent posts on LinkedIn or catch up with me on Twitter. I’ve posted a portfolio of my work and you can also learn more about my story and who I am here. And if you want to contact me, just send me a note!