I am an experienced communications, marketing and public relations professional passionate about content creation, story telling and relationship building.

As a communications specialist, I excel in helping brands tell their stories strategically through marketing – traditional, digital and social. I know the importance of return on investment. I’ve found that the best way to maximize your story is to know your audience. Knowing how they make decisions and where they go for information is not only valuable, it’s important. I thrive in an environment where I can help with the management, execution, implementation and maintenance of a sound strategy.

My background in journalism has made me a better communicator and curious marketer. I want to be a valuable source of inspiration and motivation; aiming to be authentic and interesting with my words. I take the initiative to educate myself about something new every day. I search out new ideas, research new trends, and analyze data all in an effort to be able to do my job better.

I also aim to be a leader in the community; focusing on those we serve, strengthening relationships, empowering individuals, and encouraging growth. I also intentionally advocate for civic engagement and do my best to make sure information is accessible to all of my community. Sharing my knowledge and skills leads with non-profits and other groups gives me a lot of pride in my community. The relationships I’ve formed through volunteering are a huge part of the person I am, personally and professionally.