I’m a communications specialist, marketing professional and technology enthusiast passionate about content creation, creative marketing and social media.

As a communications specialist, I excel in helping brands tell their stories strategically through marketing – traditional, digital and social. I know the importance of return on investment. I’ve found that the best way to maximize your story is to know your audience. Knowing how they make decisions and where they go for information is not only valuable, it’s important. I thrive in an environment where I can help with the management, execution, implementation and maintenance of a sound strategy.

My background in journalism has made me a better communicator and marketer. I want to be a valuable source of inspiration and motivation; aiming to be authentic and interesting with my words.

I take the initiative to educate myself about something new every day. I search out new ideas, research new trends, and analyze data all in an effort to be able to do my job better. Whether it’s learning what content works, how video is affecting marketing, how businesses can use Snapchat, why we need to have high standards when it comes to email marketing or even diving head first into analytics – it’s all fast-paced and exciting to me!

Outside of my professional life, I am involved in city government, political campaigns, economic development, historic preservation and much more. Sharing my knowledge and skills leads with non-profits and other groups gives me a lot of pride in my community. The relationships I’ve formed through volunteering are a huge part of the person I am, personally and professionally.

You can read some of my recent posts on LinkedIn or catch up with me on Twitter. I’ve posted a portfolio of my work and you can also learn more about me here. If you want to contact me, just send me a note!