About Me

 I am an experienced communications, marketing and public relations professional currently working in local government. My focus is on telling the story of my community; from the work we do in local government to expanding awareness of the business and people that make up our neighborhoods. I do this strategically through multimedia marketing; whether that’s traditional media such as radio, newspaper and direct mail or digital channels such as email, social media and video.

My aim is to be a leader in the community; focusing on those we serve, strengthening relationships, empowering individuals, and encouraging growth. I also intentionally advocate for civic engagement and do my best to make sure information is accessible to all of my community.

Ten Interesting Tidbits

  • I’m Minnesota born but Iowan by choice. I grew up on a family farm in southwest Minnesota and moved to Iowa to attend Drake University in 2004.
  • I describe myself as a book lover, coffee addict, taproom enthusiast, hopeful optimist and an outgoing introvert.
  • I like musk ox, my cat, coffee, dark chocolate, people watching and glasses.
  • I don’t like humidity, dirty socks, auto direct messages, blank stares, spiders, and elevators. 
  • I’m a pop culture geek, NPR nerd and wealth of useless information. I would be an all-star trivia team member – if you’re ever looking for an extra person, call me up.
  • I’m always seeking out an opportunity to learn more and to laugh often! I try to surround myself with people who make me laugh and people I can learn from. It’s not hard to do.
  • Life can be a lonely journey, but the relationships I’ve formed make it so much more exciting! That being said – I’m an introvert. It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy large crowds; I’m just more comfortable in an intimate conversation.
  • I’m passionate about traveling. Alaska is my go-to vacation spot. I’ve visited 28 states and visiting all 50 is on my bucket list.
  • I love music. I recently saw one of the best live concerts I have ever been too – ask me about it sometime.
  • I’m also a bit of a bibliophile. I read 100 books in 365 days. Ridiculous, I know. I’m trying to do it again!